About Us

Meet Scoperta!

We’re a women-owned, family-run wine marketplace specializing in wines too small to go mainstream but too good to ignore. We aim to help small boutique wineries get discovered by curious wine lovers. And we’re looking to help curious wine enthusiasts discover what finds await when you venture off the beaten path.  

We don't actually sell wine, we're in the discovery business

There are over 10,000 wineries in the United States but fewer than 2,000 are actually accessible to the average wine drinker, as most retail stores only carry asmall percentage of wineries. Of those 10,000 wineries, only 20% have the resources for marketing and distribution. As for the other 80%, that’s where we come in.





Dan Pilkey

Chief Wine Officer & Sommelier

"We created Scoperta to be the voice of the small, distinct, incredible wineries of this country. "

Just Damn Good Wine  

We taste thousands so you can enjoy hundreds. Long gone are the days of overwhelming wine lists and underwhelming wine.Scoperta exists to curate the wild world of small wineries so you can experience the best they have to offer.

For us, it's more than just a transaction. Scoperta is all about the experience of discovering great wine from incredible winemakers throughout the U.S. It’s about supporting our friends, our family—our artisanal winemakers.