Greg Spalding


"Life is too short to drink bad wine."

After his then girlfriend (now wife) suggested he drink a glass of wine instead of having a beer, Greg caught the wine-bug. From that moment on, his world has never been the same.

Since that first glass, he has devoted the last 13 years of his life trying to recreate that "first sip" feeling for others through education and hospitality. In that spirit, he has become an Advanced Sommelier through The Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas and a highly active member of the sommelier community in Chicago. He is currently working in wine retail at Vin Chicago.

Greg’s has a special passion for Italian wines and longs for the day that he and his wife can relocate to Tuscany and be immersed in Chianti Classico. Until then, he enjoys spending his time with his dog Winnie, his cat Zelda, and playing drums in a rock band. 

Greg's Expert Tip

The nose knows. Take time to smell the wine in your glass, as it provides a more complex framework for what you taste. Your nose has hundreds of scent receptors versus your tongue, which only has five.