Dan Pilkey

Sommelier & Chief Wine Officer

"A bottle of wine captures time and place, building relationships and making memories one glass at a time - there’s a lot to taste, so let’s Scoperta!"

Wine has served as the focal point for Dan’s career, education and passion for over 26 years. Hailing from a small farming town in California, Dan began work in a winery at the early age of 14.

It was while working at Wente Vineyards during high school that this job ignited an insatiable thirst for knowledge and exploration of culture, geography and history while providing an excellent foundation for F&B. 

Having garnered multiple 2-Star Michelin awards, managed an independent distribution company, brokered renegade Greek and French portfolios, and organized Chicago’s most elite blind tasting group (Second City Somm’s), Dan has carved a significant niche in this market. Over the last 4yrs he has served as the Midwest Regional Manager for the Paul Hobbs portfolio that includes iconic vineyards and wineries on 4 continents.  Professionally, he successfully completed the Master Sommelier exam in 2018 and is now engaged with the Master of Wine organization (S1) as he continues to hone his skills and push the industry forward.

Dan's Expert Tip

Dont be afraid of upgrading your wine stems. Drinking out of bad glassware is like watching TV with a rabbit ear antenna. Elevated wine stems can help enhance the smell, increase clarity of the palate, and improve your overall experience.
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